Update on SlipStream

Good morning!

Hope all of you are healthy, happy, safe and in self-quarantine. Our team is.

You would have noticed that we did not send an edition last week :( In the publishing parlance, it is the biggest crime you can make - promise that there would be an edition and then not release it.

The fault, ladies and gents, is with us.

Thing is, when we started ThePodium.in, we had vague ideas about where we want to take it. Both Akshay and I are the kinds to first do pilots, see where they go and then scale up.

SlipStream was our attempt to figure if there is a need (or a market) for a curated list of things that people could consume (read, watch, talk, etc) that could make them better. The idea came from our personal needs to do so. Both of us want to continue to learn, grow and do.

Over the last 8 weeks that we’ve sent SlipStream we’ve received incredible support from you guys. We’ve reached people that we never knew we could and made new friends and we’ve learned so much about running a content business.

And thanks to these letters and your inputs, may I dare say, we are ready with the next chapter with ThePodium!

We will talk about it over the next few weeks but for the time being, SlipStream will cease to exist in its current avatar.

What does this mean?

A. For starters, we will NOT be sending a magazine-like email every week. You know, we’d pivot! And in due course, we will replace the content with someone that is closer to where we think ThePodium should be. Whatever shape it takes, we will continue to uphold our mission and our end-goal - we want to be THE destination for lifelong learners.

B. We will take podcasting as our primary medium and live events as the secondary medium for creating original content. This essentially means that we will become a podcast publisher.

Our first podcast, The Founder Thesis (we went and interviewed some of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in the country) should release in May of this year (with this Covid-19 effect withstanding). Of course, you will get early access :).

Apart from that, we have other podcasts lined up. Each will uphold our mission - learn new things. So would all other things that we create.

We have started to work on an event. We are about one year away from it. Will keep you posted as and when that shapes up.

So, what’s next for YOU?

A. Of course, you are please free to unsubscribe to these emails.

But please don’t…

B. The previous editions are all archived here.

They will remain so, forever. Or till whenever Substack runs.

C. Help us!

As we make a pivot, we need you all the more!

  • Give us inputs on the kind of podcasts you would want to listen to. Simpler, what is the best podcast do you know of? And why do you like it?

  • Tell us if we did a TED-like event for people who want to learn about things outside their work, what could that look like? What if I said it would be a 3-day, off-site program, how much would you pay for it? Assuming Covid-19 allows us to host these events.

  • What other things do you think a company that wants to work with lifelong learners do?

  • And, in case you have brickbats :)

So yeah! That’s about it!

In the end, we are super grateful for the support that all of you have extended to us. We would have lost interest if not for your time, permission and inputs.

Thank you for everything.

Gratitude and Regards,

AkshaySaurabh, and thePodium.in team.

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