36. Hello, March!

A Women's Special, straight from the heart...

For my love of poetry, here’s starting off the piece with some lines by the legendary ‘Rumi’ from one of his poems, ‘Spring’:

Again, the season of Spring has come

and a spring-source rises under everything,

a moon sliding from the shadows. 

Many things must be left unsaid, because it’s late,

but whatever conversation we haven’t had

tonight, we’ll have tomorrow.

So, with that, March is here.

Hellooooo March! 

New Month. Fresh Vibes. New Energy. Immense Hope.

How beautiful is this month! Bright sunshiny days. Birth of fresh, baby flowers. March is transitional in so many ways. No longer shorter days and seemingly never-ending nights (although nights are my personal favorite). The calm in the night is unparalleled.

March is just beautiful.

Let’s kick-start the first weekend with some awesomeness that reflects the flavor of the season. Including, the International Women’s Day! This is a special opportunity to celebrate women that set the bar high, empowering girls to dream and achieve. Our token of thanks to them for being an example to the world and not just remaining a victim of societal prejudices.

Plus, cheers to all the feminist men, sensitive & intelligent, who stand with the women in their lives and push them to break innumerable glass ceilings. #MenForWomen

IWD every day!!

You guessed it.

This piece is dedicated to women. Every. Single. Woman.

The other day, my best friend sent this incredible video over a WhatsApp message. 

Watch it here: #StopTheBeautyContest

Amazingly conceptualized, it’s Dove’s latest commercial highlighting the real definition of ‘beautiful’.  It’s the kahaani of millions of girls in India. 

I mean, how many times are we judged for the way we look, the way we dress up, the way we sit, walk, eat or breathe, how we need to hide our bodies so that ‘men’ are not intrigued. 

The toxic obsession with beauty is running for ages.

There is more to life than Stretch Marks Shaming!!

Isn’t it disgusting, having to meet a societal standard of beauty? As much as it sounds awful, it really is.

That is exactly why it takes an incredible amount of courage when a woman owns herself. When she chooses to oppose everything WRONG. When she recognizes that she deserves the world and owns her rights/opinions and her life. When she is no longer taking shit from people who know nothing of her fight. It does take courage. And we have immense respect for all the women who rule their world and say ‘No’ to the status quo. 

Well, women are the Present. Women are the future. And an empowering nation is built when its women feel empowered. 

Bravo, Dove! Thanks for making an impact at large. 

On a recent trip to Rishikesh, someone told me that women are the creators and that they hold this vast strength inside them. That statement left a strong impression on me.

Well, we have had the fortune to host some of the outstanding women at our podcast shows talking about their unique journeys, experiences, work, and day-to-day hustle. These women speak vision and ideas. The stories are at The Podium - A Network of Podcasts

Moving on…

Here’s a book recommendation for you: What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey. If you haven’t read it already, this is one of those books that you can turn to for a dose of enriching life lessons. It’s your go-to book with a collection of chapters full of delightful treasures.

Here’s an excerpt from the book: 

“Beginning when we are girls, most of us are taught to deflect praise. We apologize for our accomplishments. We try to level the field with our family and friends by downplaying our brilliance. We settle for the passenger’s seat when we long to drive. That’s why so many of us have been willing to hide our light as adults. Instead of being filled with all the passion and purpose that enable us to offer our best to the world, we empty ourselves in an effort to silence our critics. The truth is that the naysayers in your life can never be fully satisfied. Whether you hide or shine, they’ll always feel threatened because they don’t believe they are enough. So stop paying attention to them. Every time you suppress some part of yourself or allow others to play you small, you are ignoring the owner’s manual your Creator gave you. What I know for sure is this: You are built not to shrink down to less but to blossom into more. To be more splendid. To be more extraordinary. To use every moment to fill yourself up.”

― Oprah Winfrey, What I Know For Sure

To end this piece, here’s a quick reminder: 

Girl, you are pretty, exactly the way you are. Your uniqueness makes you stand out. Hold onto that and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

A Happy Women’s Day Everyone! 

See you in the next newsletter.

Love and Regards,

Nikita, on behalf of The Podium team.

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